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TOUGH2GETHER Against DIPG - Jace Ward Research and Access Fund

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

In Feb. 2021, while fighting DIPG, 22-year-old Jace Ward established a research and access fund to help others receive access to drugs and trials. Additionally, he began to fund research in childhood cancer and especially DIPG. In collaboration with many others, he put into motion a DIPG Navigation Continuum. Jace's life on earth ended July 3, 2021 but his mission to help the next child continues. In September 2021, Tough2gether Against DIPG hosted the first breakfast in Washington DC bringing together researchers, physicians, families and advocates. Jace's goal was to raise $1.2M for DIPG. Why $1.2M? Because it was the amount required for the trial he could not enter. His goal became to make sure the next child didn't need to fundraise to save their life.

Here is a link to his fundraiser:

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